The Pros & Cons Of Attending High School Online

btsOne of the most important decisions you can make in your life is deciding to continue your education. High school graduates make considerably more money than their drop-out peers, and those who go on to complete college classes make even more.

Life can be complicated, though, and getting your high school diploma in a traditional setting may not be an option for you. Below are some benefits and draw-backs to pursuing a high school education online.

Pro: Online Education Works around your Schedule

The biggest perk of getting your high school diploma online is that you can schedule your coursework around your schedule, rather than trying to attend classes at certain times. This mean more than just avoiding those 8 am classes, it also means you can graduate even if your life requires other time commitments, like parenting or having a full-time job.

Con: Time Management

The flip-side of being able to work on your own schedule is that it becomes absolutely critical for you to develop time-management skills. You’ll be faced with a due date and a bunch of material you need to cover on your own, and that can spell disaster for those who put things off until the last minute.

Pro: You Can Focus on your Studies

Attending high school online also means you won’t be faced with all the drama, social awkwardness and bullying that can be present in a traditional school setting. This allows you to focus on your coursework, rather than your peer group, and can be a real benefit if you want to excel in school.

Con: You’ll Miss Out on Social Events

At the same time, online courses usually don’t come with a very strong social component at all, meaning you won’t get to hang with your school friends, go to prom, or attend the Friday night games. This kind of isolation can be really difficult, particularly for young adults who are in the process of developing their social identities.

Pro: Preparation for College

Because online education is, for the most part, more flexible than traditional high school coursework, you can work ahead and pursue interests that will be valuable for your college career. It’s even possible to complete freshman coursework online before transferring to a brick-and-mortar college or university.

Con: Accreditation

Not all online education is the same, however, and if you choose a program without accreditation you could be doing all your work for nothing. Online high school courses from a school without accreditation won’t count for transferring to college or another school. For this reason, it’s essential to choose an established, legitimate online school before your begin. Some accredited online programs are more expensive than others, though, so make sure you look at all your options before you commit.

Your high school diploma is a critical step in furthering your education, getting a good job, and becoming financially independent. Whether you choose to work toward this educational milestone in a traditional setting or through an online program, the most important thing is that you make your time worthwhile, and come away having gained some indispensable knowledge in addition to that certificate of graduation.

Look Your Best This Summer With These Beauty Tips

shutterstock_104937071The summer is time for fun in the sun, lazy days by the pool or at the beach and evening get-togethers and barbeques. As enjoyable as the long day-light hours and intoxicating heat can be, they pose some challenges for those of us with beauty in mind. Heat, sweating, humidity and other summer obstacles can wreak havoc on even the most perfect look. Here’s a few tips to keep you looking as cool as a cucumber while you rock out in the summer sun!

#1 – Invest in Waterproof Makeup

Whether or not you’re swimming, summer is the season to invest in high-quality waterproof makeup. Mascara and eyeliner run easily in high humidity or when you break a sweat, so avoid the undesirable racoon look by making sure your sultry eye-makeup won’t budge an inch in the heat of summer. Also, using a waterproof foundation will stop sweat from turning your perfectly applied foundation into a Pollock piece look-alike.

#2 – Use a Primer

Makeup primer is a base, either liquid, powder or gel, that you use on your face before applying foundation, concealer, lip and eye makeup. This layer protects your makeup from oil and sweat and gives it a more solid base on which to stick. Using primer in the summer ensures longer wear and a smoother look with less worry about smudges and imperfections.

#3 – Control Your Shine

It’s true that we’re born to shine, but hopefully more so from our sparkling personality than a greasy complexion! Summertime heat and sweat can cause your pores to manufacture sebum, better known as facial grease, at an overtime rate. Use a gentle cleaner daily to rinse away grease and use a high-quality facial powder for touch-ups during the day.

#4 – Lighten Up a Little

The color palette you used in the autumn and winter are probably not suitable for summer wear. Darker shades of lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner can look caked on and overdone in the humidity and heat of summer. Also, darker colors reveal flaws, such as creasing and running, more than lighter shades will. Save the heavier colors for colder weather when your complexion will benefit from some extra oomph and switch to lighter makeup that will reveal your summertime glow and enhance your natural beauty.

#5 – Slather on Some SPF

Although using a suitable sunscreen doesn’t technically count as makeup, it’s one of the most powerful tools in your beauty arsenal. Harmful UVA and UVB radiation can damage your skin before you even begin to burn. Even 15 minutes of unprotected time in the sun can contribute to the early formation of fine lines and wrinkles. To protect yourself from early aging and to decrease your overall risk of developing skin cancer, generously apply a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF about half an hour before going out into the sun. Remember to reapply every few hours, or after you swim or sweat.

Making Waves: A New Kind Of Art Blending Sight, Sounds, And Sensations

artistFusing lines between multi-media installation and sensory-spatial experience, New York-based artist Liz Phillips mediates the very sights and sounds of New York City’s Governors Island in her latest piece, “Wave Crossings.”

Installed on Governors Island’s St. Cornelius Chapel, “Wave Crossings” indeed weaves a spanning mirage of the senses, digitally facilitated but very much surreal. An audience member is first greeted with the swirling, shimmering stained glass windows of the church, harnessed and projected through an interactive sensor system to fill the space. The naturally created colors and shapes are then blended into transitory images displayed on a central Wavetable – a surface of water tempered with sub audio systems.

The auditory layers are brought then harvested from the void. Using a real-time tone processing and sonic synthesis transposition, as the audience member walks around, live sounds are played to match their pace. The noises come from a mix of live recordings occurring at that moment around the island, everything from ferryboats and fisherman to falling raindrops.

Such a blended scene is as striking as it is ethereal. The effect is that of soundscape, an experiential discovery of collective patterning. The co-dependency of movement with moment, of reflection, light, color, speed, tone, and noise work together to synthesize what Phillip’s dubs “responsive environment sensing.” The piece is as concerned with stillness and silence as it is all this complex digital processing, as the whole scene constantly changes from beat to beat, step by step.
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Feel & Look Your Best With These Simple Beauty Tips

It is important to look at yourself in the mirror and feel good about what you see. Every day should be the day you tell yourself, “Darn you look good!” Unfortunately, some people feel the opposite about themselves and do not know how to change that feeling. Here are some simple tips to move you down the path of feeling absolutely fabulous about who you are every single day of your life.

Start Your Day Off Right

beautytipsThis is the most important thing you can do for yourself every day and it is free to do. When you get up in the morning, greet yourself as you would greet the love of your life because you are. Look at that beautiful face in the mirror and tell it how beautiful/handsome it is. Prepare yourself for your day by choosing clothes that flatter you.

Clean your face thoroughly and if you are a lady, apply the appropriate amount of makeup and men apply the skin care products you use to make your skin look well taken care of. Comb your hair and make it look its best. Never leave your home unprepared to meet up with the hot millionaire you have been dreaming about.

Exercise Regimen

An exercise regimen can be the difference between living a long, happy life and a short painful one. Your routine does not have to be hours of excruciating exercises. It can be a series of exercises done in as little as five minutes a day. Five minutes of activity a day is better than no activity at all. The point is to add movement to your life.

End Your Day With Uninterrupted Sleep

As important as your morning routine is for starting your day, your nighttime routine is important for how you end it. We all need an average of eight uninterrupted hours of sleep a night. Give yourself one hour before bed to just relax. Put all mobile devices away. Back away from the computer and read a book, vegetate, drink a cup of tea, or enjoy a quiet television show or music. Give your eyes and body a chance to decompress before bed. A healthy nighttime regimen can eliminate those bags under your eyes and give you more energy to function through your day.

Looking and feeling your best is not difficult or expensive. Take out the time to love on yourself. The truth is you will only look as good as you feel. Work on making yourself feel fabulous every day. Be kind to yourself and remember that you are the great love of your life. Only you can make yourself feel your best. You do not need anyone else to do it for you. You are in full and complete control.

Getting What You Want From Life

womansuccessGetting ahead in life can seem like a constant struggle. However, there are a lot of strategies that successful people use to achieve success. Employing these strategies and tips will not make you successful over night. There is still a lot of hard work to be put in on your part. Using them will give you a leg up, and get you to start thinking and taking action the right way. In this short article, we will discuss 4 great tips for succeeding and getting the things you truly want in life.

Get Fed up With Where You Are Right Now

Just as necessity is the mother of invention, frustration is the mother of change. If you are frustrated with the way your life is right now, you have the perfect motivation to change it. Being comfortable and complacent makes change very difficult, because it doesn’t seem like a necessary thing. On the other hand, if you are completely fed up with your present situation, you can motivate yourself to change it. Take a close look at your life, and see all of the things that you have just systematically “gotten used to”, and realize you deserve better.

Create a Master Goal for Your Life

Setting goals individually is all well and good, but when you’re talking about your life as a whole, you need to set a series of goals that, when combined, will lead to the ideal life you really want to lead. Having a master vision for what you want your life to be will help you to avoid working too much on one set of goals while completely ignoring another. When coming up with this vision, you want to include financial, business, personal, fitness, and any other kinds of goals you may have for yourself. Don’t limit yourself, and be as detailed as possible.

Visualize Your Success

As odd as it may sound, visualizing the achievement of your goals is one of the most beneficial practices you can have when it comes to achieving success. By visualizing yourself reaching the goals you have set, you can give yourself a deep psychological motivation, as well as keep yourself focused on reaching those goals. Visualizing becomes more effective the more detail you can put into it, so try to hear, see, smell, and feel exactly what it would be like to achieve your goals and dreams.

Take Action Quickly and Decisively

When trying to improve your life, it is common to spend far too much time thinking about how to do it, and far too little actually doing anything about it. Developing a plan is great, and can help you get the things you want in life. However, if you never act on that plan, it is nothing more than wasted time and effort. Even if the actions you take are not perfect or explicitly planned out, they are vastly better than taking no action at all. If you want to really succeed, you are going to have to act on your plans. In other words, there will come a point where you simply have to go out there and make it all happen.

Feel Confident: Walk Tall, Even If You’re Short!

elevatorshoesFor as long as I can remember, I’ve been a short person. At 5 foot 1, most of my friends throughout school were much taller than me and it was a sore point during my childhood. But alas, I was cursed to be short and there is no cure, right? Wrong – enter elevator shoes.

Just because the rest of the world normally towers above you doesn’t mean that you can’t feel more self-confident and add a couple of inches to your own height. When you try a pair of shoes that offer a little bit of lift to your stature you will notice your walk becomes a little more confident and you are able to stand eye-to-eye with your friends and colleagues.

Even though there is nothing wrong with having a shorter body style there might be instances that you wish you could close that gap just a bit. Standing straight and walking tall might change any insecurities you might have felt in the past.

One thing to look for when shopping for elevator shoes, otherwise known as height-lifting shoes, is their appearance. Along with an increase in height, is that they can ‘look’ like elevator shoes. Some have an obvious thick hell and square toes. If you can find something tapered that looks less like a specialized shoe it will probably stay in style longer and have a more appealing look. As with most things you probably get what you pay for in elevator shoes. You will want them to look good, be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and to last.

Some shoes will be able to add anywhere from two to five inches in height and still have comfort and can deliver the important support you need while wearing them also. There are hundreds of styles on the market so you don’t have to feel like a shoe with lifts can’t be attractive. You can find everything from dress shoes and casual shoes to workout wear. Almost every style can be found by the right company in a taller size.

Along with increasing your height elevator shoes can also help improve your posture and offer the necessary support needed to keep your gait smooth and your stature straight. When you are feeling a little taller and standing up straight, you will have a feeling of positivity and well-being that you may have never known before.

5 Tips For Looking Good On A Budget

You don’t have to wear the top most expensive brands in the world in order for you to look your best. You may think that branded premium clothes would look best on you, but it really is not about what you wear and all about how you wear it. If you are tired of spending a lot of money just to look your best, then follow these easy steps to looking great on a budget:

Don’t Stick To One Trend

The thing is about trends is that they introduce people to the best of designer clothes and show them what to buy in regards to brand names. The same look could be achieved by taking a picture of a celebrity you like wearing the trend you’re interested in, then working on finding suitable alternatives to each piece of the outfit. If you don’t want to keep changing trends every month or two, you should work on creating your own style. A style that flatters your body type, and makes you look and feel your best.

Get Your Measurements

The worst thing you can do to yourself is wear clothes that are too small or too big. Go to a tailor and get your measurements in order to shop for a size that will work for you in all different pieces of the outfit together.

Only Buy Hygiene and Beauty Products From Drugstores

You don’t need to go to the best make up store in the world to achieve a beautiful look. The products available in drug stores are healthy enough and can be used just as well as any brand name. Drugstores sell everything for much cheaper, and the results are just the same.

Go Shopping In Thrift Stores

There are so many different thrift shops located all around your city. It is not only fun, but a smart idea to go over them once every month or two to check for new stuff everyday. You will always find something to buy in a thrift store and that’s just the way it is with those places. Hidden treasure island is what I call my local thrift stores.

Don’t Over-Dress

Buying a lot of new clothes will result in you wanting to try everything out. The important thing is not to mix too many colors together and stick to only two solid colors per outfit. Check out this great article from the Chicago Tribune about finding a fashionable outfit on a budget:

The Budget Fashionista

Street Style Day 3 - MBFWA S/S 2013Exquisite fashion can be achieved on a budget by following a few helpful tips. These tips are no secret, it is possible to hone your fashion skills with planning. Dress for success, fun or entertainment and do it with great style.

Thrift and consignment stores are a treasure chest, if you possess the know how. Look for shops that advertise “name brand” or “gently worn” clothing. Impulse buying is taboo, shop with intention. The avid bargain hunter is successful because they know what they are looking for and they know where to purchase it. After shopping at a particular store once or twice, you will know whether to return on your next shopping trip or not. It is important to not sacrifice quality.

Department Stores that sell name brand, more expensive clothing are famous for end of season sales. You can purchase a sweater for winter at the beginning of spring. You may not be able to wear your find for several months, but you purchase it for a fraction of the original price. Also watch for special holiday sales, such events offer a great opportunity to buy quality clothing at a great savings.

When dressing on a budget, it is important to have several essential items. Every closet should have a crisp, white, cotton blend blouse, an elegant blazer, a “little black” dress, a classic pair of black pants, a pair of denim jeans, a timeless pair of pumps and some slip on sneakers. For the professional office style, wear the white blouse, blazer and a pair of dress trousers, then match the same white blouse with denim jeans and slip on sneakers for a Saturday spent with the family.

Nothing is more tasteful than the “little black” dress with a small white sweater to a casual affair or dress it up with pearls and pumps for an evening on the town.Personality is added with the accessories you choose. A strand of pearls, some colorful, trinkets on a fine chain, chunky wrist bands or delicate bracelets, belts, purses and many other items add flair and individuality to your outfit. Whether purchasing a quality, expensive item at a bargain sale or thrift shop or finding an inexpensive garment that is made well, your style and clothing can be elegant, fun or professional. Dress for success, make your clothing an investment in good taste and savings.